BAVABICI  Support your locals stickers

BAVABICI Support your locals stickers

@timoismen do it again! This beautiful "headset cat" wants you to support your locals.

Because you decide what and where you want to shop.

You decide if you want small business in your town to survive or if you are happy shopping online from the big chains sitting in front of your computer searching for the cheapest price.

Bavabici can't offer the cheapest price because we cannot buy containers from Taiwan, we have only 2 or 3 in stock of each item, because we do not have 2300 square meters but only 46. But we try to offer you the best service. That little extra that only a human being that loves what he/she does can give you. And i hope to be able to keep on bringing new exciting innovative beautiful good quality items to make your life on two wheels to a better experience.

Of course no shipping costs if you only want to order the stickers. We ship international too. Even if i am not your locals you can support me anyway ;)