Chris King Headset NoThreadSet

Chris King Headset NoThreadSet

Chris King designed the first sealed bearing headset in 1976. Thirty-four years later, the King headset remains a benchmark for quality. No other bicycle component can claim the precision, performance and absolute reliability of a Chris King headset.

At Chris King Precision Components,  they manufacture each headset in their own facility to exacting standards, using quality-at-the-source methods to minimize waste. Even the sealed, cartridge style bearings are made in-house and are hand-checked.

  • Patented GripLock® retention design for exclusively reliable headset adjustment (1-1/8” only)

Chris King believe this component so well represents them that they offer a 10-year warranty on all models. 

The stock varies,  at the moment BAVABICI has 4 colors to offer for ASAP delivery, if you wish another model or color please contact your local bike shop or BAVABICI directly.

1500 SEK