Dargelos Tufts

Dargelos Tufts

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I'm always looking for nice reflective stuff. I live in Sweden and in winter it's dark very early and you want cars to see you. Yes I do use bike lights but if you drive a car sometime you can see how difficult it is to see bikes, people walking, prams and so on.

Most of the easy to find stuff looks awful and you feel like a nerd wearing it so when I saw Dargelos tufts I decided that could be something to be visible and stylish. Not too expensive, versatile, fit your own style.

Highly reflective,can be attached to zipper pulls, bolo ties, earrings or anything else the 1/2" jump ring can fit around. It's a simple and visible accessory- makes a great gift!

Made from a custom developed 3M reflective material, 3" long. Hardware is rhodium plated brass.

150 SEK50 SEK