Hop in the Saddle, A guide to Portland's Craft Beer Scene

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While stocks last.One of the authors of this book is Lucy Burningham and Lucy  is married to Toni Pereira and that's how BAVABICI met her during her quest to the bike grail in Portland. A must to have if you ever visit Portland or even if you just like beer and bikes and who doesn't???

This nice little guidebook unites two of Portland’s greatest passions: BEER + BICYCLES. Nationally-published beer writer Lucy Burningham, prominent cycle guidebook author Ellee Thalheimer and brand designerLaura Cary join forces to link the best craft beer spots in Portland with the city’s famous cycling routes.

Featuring: 5 Portland Beer Routes; 5 Bike Nerd Extended Routes; 10 Detailed Cue Sheets; 20 Breweries; 8 Bottleshops; 31 Bars & Restaurants.
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