PDW Aether Demon™ Tail Light

PDW Aether Demon™ Tail Light

Portland Design Works is now established on the market as one of the most innovative brand of bike accessories out there. If you ever visit Portland you will see PDW light on every other bike. They are popular. They are Portland based. They are strong and durable. USB charging.

The Aether Demon™ tail light is a friendly little devil who wards off approaching vehicles with its winking, blinking, and intensely glaring 0.5 watt LED eye.

  • Nichia™ 0.5 watt LED 
  • USB charging Li-ion battery 
  • Texas Instruments™ integrated circuit 
  • 4 modes (run time): Dance (8 hrs), Breathe (8 hrs), Group Ride (175 hrs at 10% power), Rock Steady (3.5 hrs) 
  • 1.5 ounces/45g
  • Includes seatpost, seatstay mounts

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    "When it comes to ultimate run time, the PDW Aether Demon wins hands down with its seemingly never ending Group Ride mode. Helpful to not blind your friends behind you, it's also a grat bail out mode to have when you know you haven't recharged as recently as you should have. The smart button prevents accidental pocket battery drains, and is easy to find and operate with gloves on. Just make sure the USB charging port is securely plugged before riding in the rain as it is in line of the tire spray. The Breathe mode is maybe the most eye pleasing and Dance the most eye catching . nice combo." Urban Velo Issue #41 April 2014
380 SEK