Phil Wood Rear Track Hub Black

Phil Wood Rear Track Hub Black

A beautiful hub for your fixed ride. Only one in stock black, fixed/singlespeed 120 spacing 36h, fixed/fixed one lockring included. For other request please contact BAVABICI

Phil Wood introduced the now standard Field Servicable Axle (FSA) in 1991. The FSA design enables the axle to be separated from the hub after unthreading the end caps. The axles are threaded externally, with the end caps threaded to exactly match the axle thread.
Specification for the thread is 1.370 x 24 tpi.

Some cogs manufactures are making cogs that are not ideal for use with Phil Wood hubs due to their thickness (which is generally a result of plating). For this reason Phil Wood do not recommend using Surly or Euro-Asia cogs with Phil track hubs. Lockring threads are italian (Campy compatible)  

Match with Phil Front Kiss off Hub.
2500 SEK