Sykes Wood Eyelets special MapleXO edition

Sykes Wood Eyelets special MapleXO edition

When I visited Portland I found by a chance (reading about a lamp made of recycled skateboards on thecoolhunter) these amazing bike products which are made in the same way.

The place is awesome and if you visit Portland you really shouldn't miss it. Paul is the guy behind the fenders and Lindsay the girl behind MapleXO.

In the interest of weight, many bikes are made without screw holes to attach fenders or other accessories. And even your nicest track bike (if you have only one bike ...) may need fenders in winter/fall/spring. If you live in Sweden even in the summer quite a lot. Here you have a great beautiful solution.

Sykes Wooden Eyelets strap to your forks or frame with plastic zip-ties. A sticky rubber concave edge grips the tubing. The larger, aluminum lined hole accepts a 5mm machine screw.

A pair of wooden eyelets comes with four little zip-ties.

These new batch is handmade by Bavabici during my internship in Portland january 2016. For foto of the project please see Bavabici Instagram.

Found on you can't buy land tumblr: That is stupidly simple, yet insanely clever - GENIUS.

270 SEK200 SEK